The Right Words Editing

the right words, in the right place, at the right time

More With Less: Write Tight

lesThe first thing you notice about Les is what's missing: his left arm. So is his right thumb. That's thanks to an electrical accident some sixty years ago. He's learned to function, he tells me, through the principles of physics – leverage, angles, motion. He might use his teeth as a hand to hold his coat while he slides his arm in. If he's stuck, he asks for help.

"Can you cut this Danish for me?" he asked the other day. "Four pieces would be good." So I did, but usually he's on his own.
A few months ago he called me. "I'm running for city council," he announced. "I think I need you."
"For what?" I wondered.
"Editing. My speeches, my web site, my press releases."